Wage and Hour Violations

Violation of Earned Fair Wages
Violation of
Earned Fair Wages

There are a variety of ways in which employers in New Jersey can violate your right to earn fair wages. Some of the common violations that give rise to wage and hour disputes are related to unpaid overtime, minimum wage, and withheld wages. Employers may knowingly or unknowingly go against your right to be compensated for work you have already done or benefits to which you are entitled. When this occurs, you have the right to pursue a claim for lost wages and benefits.

Unpaid Wages

Representing Employees with Unpaid Wage Claims

When an employer fails to pay you for wages you are entitled to, it is not only frustrating and unfair, but also against New Jersey and federal law. Wage laws are in place to protect workers from being denied fair pay for overtime worked, whether through misclassification by their employer as salaried or exempt employees, refusal to pay for overtime hours, or other violations of overtime laws. Additionally, employers in New Jersey cannot take illegal deductions out of your pay or refuse to pay the minimum wage established by law. If you have been deprived of payment owed by your employer in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. Our dedicated employment attorneys fight for employees across New Jersey who are owed money by their employers.

Am I entitled to Pay for Unused Vacation Time?

New Jersey law does not require employers to pay out unused vacation time. However, if your employment contract states that you are entitled to be paid for unused vacation time, that provision is enforceable. This is also true if your employee handbook explicitly states that employees are entitled to payment for vacation days they have not taken. 

When are Wages Unlawfully Withheld?

Your employer is not allowed to withhold wages for “illegal deductions.” These include deductions for broken merchandise or equipment and shortages in cash registers.

minimum wage Claims

My Boss isn't Paying Minimum Wage

Issues with minimum wage can arise when workers are underpaid or in unpaid overtime disputes. It is important to understand your right to earn minimum wage and what the specific amount of minimum pay per hour is in New Jersey. Effective January 1, 2019, the New Jersey minimum wage is $8.85. It is unlawful for your employer to pay you less than this amount per hour. This includes tipped workers, however, the rule is applied in a slightly different way. Minimum wage for tipped workers is calculated to include the tips they earn. In 2019, tipped workers like restaurant servers must earn at least $8.85 for every hour worked in a 40 hour work week. When considering your earned tips, if you earn more than $8.85 per hour, your employer must still pay you $2.13 per hour

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