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If you have been accused of workplace violations by an employee, your job, reputation, financial future, and even your freedom may be in jeopardy. With so much on the line, it is essential to find the most experienced, equipped New Jersey employment attorney to defend your case. Being falsely accused of harassing, discriminating against, not paying, or sexually violating an employee can be devastating for you and those you love. At Peterpaul & Kolbenschlag, we understand that employee allegations can turn your life upside down. We are approach your defense with the extensive experience and zealous advocacy necessary to protect your innocence. Whether you are facing a lawsuit for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, unlawful employment practices, retaliation, or unpaid wages, we can help.

Evidence in an NJ Employment Law Case

The NJ employment lawyers at our firm are committed to developing the most effective defense in employment litigation. One of our partners, Justin P. Kolbenschlag, was a crucial member of the litigation team defending U.S. Senator Robert Menendez against criminal allegations of public corruption and bribery brought by the federal government. The trial ended with a hung jury and subsequent mistrial. Shortly thereafter, the Department of Justice dismissed all remaining charges against Senator Menendez. Mr. Kolbenschlag also successfully defended a major university in an arbitration claim brought by a former employee alleging improper termination. Regardless of the accusations against you, the team at our New Jersey employment law firm is prepared to stand by your side and fight for the best outcome. If you are under investigation or facing an employment lawsuit in New Jersey, contact us today at 732-455-8080 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Facing an Employment Lawsuit in New Jersey

State and federal laws against unsafe and unfair employment practices are extensive. There may be many requirements about which you are simply unaware, and many more that you may not fully understand. With that said, countless employment lawsuits arise from dissatisfied current employees or bitter former employees who use legal action to settle the score. Unfortunately, this can put you in a tenuous, frightening position. If you are facing a legal issue with employment, you’ve come to the right place. 

The New Jersey employment attorneys at our firm defend clients accused of:

Our team also assists clients facing Department of Labor audits and state investigations into workplace practices. We have represented clients in investigations and charges before both the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity  Commission (EEOC) and New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. We also provide corporate counseling services involving a myriad of employment issues, including employee discharge, requests for family leave, disability accommodation, and employee discipline.

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Evidence in an NJ Employment Law Case

If you are dealing with an employment lawsuit or may face litigation for unlawful work practices, you may be wondering what types of evidence are involved in these cases. There are two primary forms of evidence that may be submitted in an employment law case in New Jersey. When a plaintiff, employee, or another individual is called to provide statements about your conduct, this is known as circumstantial evidence. This type of evidence is the most frequently used in employment law cases. When accusations are raised about what you have said or done to another person or group of people in a work setting, this often gives rise to the “he said, she said” scenarios discussed in today’s media coverage.

The other form of workplace harassment occurs when an employee who falls within a protected class of people is subjected to offensive conduct based on this classification. Statutory requirements prohibit harassing behavior based on a person’s physical disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and many other personal identifying factors. When offensive conduct directed at one or more of the protected groups outlined in the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) is so severe or prevalent that it creates a hostile or abusive work environment, this is considered a justifiable reason for legal action.

The other form of evidence used in employment cases is called direct evidence. This type is rather self-explanatory, involving tangible documentation of misconduct. Direct evidence that may be admitted includes, but is not limited to: documents, pictures, videos, text messages, emails, social media messages, and audio recordings. The rules and requirements of evidence are highly nuanced, determining what can and cannot be used against you. When you are accused of workplace misconduct, you need an attorney who understands the complex rules of evidence and can use these to your advantage in court.

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Employment allegations can involve inappropriate sexual advances or insinuations, providing better opportunities for men versus women, making comments about race or religion, and any number of other potential claims. If you are facing a lawsuit from a current or former employee, have been notified about Department of Labor investigation or audit, or feel that you’re professional integrity has been called into question, call the law office of Peterpaul Law, LLP. today. Our strategic NJ Employment Lawyers are here to answer your questions and provide the knowledgeable legal counsel you need. You can reach us anytime online or by calling 732-455-8080.