Training for Employees and Supervisors in New Jersey

Need Training for Employees and Supervisors in New Jersey?

If you are seeking training for the managers and employees at your company, it is highly advisable to enlist an experienced employment lawyer who can thoroughly address all of the legal issues that can create problems for you in the future. New Jersey has a host of laws and regulations related to workplace harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment and other matters affecting work settings. It is absolutely vital to understand and operate in accordance with these rules and guidelines to avoid being sued. 

Our Experience

As highly experienced New Jersey employment attorneys, our team at  Peterpaul Law, LLP.  handles employment cases on behalf of companies and individuals on a regular basis. Our lawyers have successfully defended major universities, government officials, and businesses, and we use this unique insight to comprehensively train executives and employees at companies across the state. We also represent victims of workplace misconduct, including a recent sexual harassment case against a large religious organization, which informs our approach to training and guidance in the workplace. 

Importance of Employee Training

While nothing can guarantee you won’t be sued by a disgruntled or misinformed employee, you can take measures to reduce the likelihood of harassment, discrimination, and other common claims against employers in New Jersey. From properly drafting employee handbooks and manuals, to thoroughly training employees and supervisors on the laws, procedures, and policies affecting your workplace, taking all of these steps is vital. By hiring employment attorneys who remain abreast of all of the developments in case law in New Jersey, you can conform your employee training with the most up-to-date standards. 

Training Provided

We provide employee training related to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other workplace conduct that may give rise to a lawsuit. Our training also addresses the procedure for filing an internal complaint to ensure everyone at your business is well-aware of their rights and responsibilities. This can help you address an employee who proceeds directly with filing a lawsuit by claiming they did not know how to escalate the problem to appropriate channels within your organization. Another significant pitfall you want to avoid is supervisors who argue that they weren’t aware their conduct was inappropriate. Proper training and education can also help protect you and your company from employees who claim they were unaware of company policy regarding harassment or discrimination.

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