Non-Compete Agreement In NJ

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What is a
Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-compete agreement is typically a clause within an employment agreement between an employee and employer, but can also be present in partnership agreements and other types of contracts. Employers in New Jersey may have mandatory non-competes for their employees to sign as a condition of employment with their company. A non-compete agreement can contain a variety of provisions involving solicitation of customers, becoming a competitor, disclosing trade secrets, or using intellectual property elsewhere. As an employee, it is important to carefully review the scope of a non-compete agreement and consider its potential impact on your future business and employment options before choosing to sign. If you are concerned about the potential legal ramifications of a proposed non-compete agreement in New Jersey, you should seek counsel from a knowledgeable employment lawyer who can advise you of your rights, obligations, and limitations under the agreement.

Evidence in an NJ Employment Law Case

The skilled non-compete agreement lawyers at Peterpaul Law, LLP. have years of experience assisting clients with non-compete agreements in New Jersey. We are happy to review your specific non-compete with you, help you challenge the enforceability of an unlawful non-compete, or negotiate with your former employer or partner to lift the non-compete agreement that you are subject to. Our practice is dedicated to employment law in NJ and our attorneys have been frequently recognized for excellence in their field. For instance, Luanne M. Peterpaul, one of our firm’s founders, has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell for the highest level of professional excellence. For additional information and to discuss your specific non-compete agreement with an attorney, contact us today at 732-455-8080 or fill out our case evaluation form. A New Jersey non-compete lawyer at our firm will be happy to advise you in more detail.

You must be prepared to answer questions and provide documentation to demonstrate your compliance. Some of the typical documents needed include certifications, payroll records, company policies, and proof of coverage. New Jersey requires companies to maintain records and have them readily accessible at the place of business for the current year and four prior years. If the audit is only focused on the current calendar year, you will need to produce these records. If the Department of Labor’s inspection covers more than one year, the years requested will be required.

Our Department of Labor attorneys can help with determining what you need, gathering records, and dealing with document requests, questions, and employee interviews. Your goal when facing an audit is to provide all of the necessary information and address all of the LWD’s questions to prevent penalties from being assessed and avoid additional audits moving forward. We can help with every aspect of this process, including providing the Department of Labor with a complete explanation of how the company has complied with all regulations and laws. If there are areas of non-compliance currently, we can assist you with devising the best strategy to address these issues and fulfill your obligations under New Jersey and federal laws and regulations.